The Hearing Center


Trial Program

As soon as the hearing aid selection process is completed and your instruments are manufactured and fitted, you will be instructed on the use and care of your hearing aids. It is recommended that during the trial period, you wear your hearing aids daily in order to facilitate the adaptation process. Not only will you need to adapt to using the aids, but your ears will be adapting physiologically as well.

At first, your ears may be sensitive to the amplified sound, but after several weeks, this sensitivity generally subsides. The adjustment period varies from person to person, but most people adapt within three to four weeks. The trial period may be extended beyond 30 days when necessary.

You are strongly encouraged to report your experiences with the new hearing aids to our audiologists so we know how best to “fine-tune” the instruments for optimum results.

Ultimately, the goal of our treatment program is to significantly reduce the handicapping effect of the hearing impairment by providing you the opportunity to experience the latest in hearing aid technology while receiving appropriate counseling and auditory training from one of our rehabilitative audiologists.

Repair Program

We repair hearing aids including providing needed parts, components and rewiring. Warranty on repairs available. Please contact your local office for more information on repairs and warranties.

* We offer ESCO hearing aid protection.

Trade-In Program

The Hearing Center provides many services to the hearing impaired in our community who need financial assistance. One way of being able to provide this much needed service is through the recycling of hearing aids. We accept donated hearing aids at any time, but we also offer a trade-in program. If you are in the process of upgrading to new instruments, you can receive a discount if you trade in your old hearing aids.